No, the title is not a new mix of Doberman Pinscher/Poodle/Labrador (Poopinschoodle?)  I am brainstorming some 1-hour textile projects for adults, and had this idea today while doodling in between uninspired ideas. Doodles! Embroidery can be an entry-level craft after learning a simple straight and satin stitch, and no pattern is needed.


Freehand squiggles

I like the surprises that come from letting your mind wander through a pencil on a notepad.  It seems like it’s been too long since I’ve been bored– having a smartphone is a crutch in some ways.  There’s always something I can think to do, so I have to force myself to daydream*.  Even when I’m on the phone with my parents, I’m probably stitching something or preparing food.  Busy hands!

For this project, just doodle. Take some paper (not too big) and a black marker and doodle. Make it as simple or as complicated as you want.  Do you still have the scrap of paper with your girlfriend’s phone number on it, from the first time you asked her for it? Maybe a to-do list that got done on a day you thought nothing would go right?  Just jot something down real fast!

Materials needed:

  • muslin or other lightweight fabric
  • paper
  • black market
  • embroidery hoop
  • embroidery floss or sewing thread
  • needle
  • fabric marker
  • scissors

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Put a bird on it!

I’m really late on this one– my spouse has been using this catchphrase for months it seems, and I had no idea where it was from!  It’s just the bird zeitgeist, ya know.  I am a bird fan (it’s the nickname my spouse calls me) and I’ll admit that I’m huffy about the sudden preponderance of bird merchandise*.  That’s the latent hipster in me, I’ll admit.

I didn’t like Portlandia at first, having come back from my first trip there and TOTALLY in love with the town.  I gained enough of a sense of humor since then to enjoy it.

Detail of a letter to be mailed to PDX

*As much as I am irked by the bird stuff, the mustache items make me want to put a turd on it.