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Gold Unicorn Beanie

Blue Unicorn Beanie

Twilight Sparkle Unicorn Ski Mask – My Little Pony Headpiece

The nights are getting cooler and winter is around the corner– ok, maybe around a few corners. My handmade unicorn ski masks are hilarious for Halloween but also make weird gifts for snowboarders, cyclists, Minnesotans and your most-fashionable-than-average hoodlum. Check out the Jumbo Jibbles store today to see what’s in stock!


Underpricing Creativity, or, How to Use Your English Degree

I was trolling Etsy on this lazy Sunday, looking for ways to respectfully, but efficiently, sell my Sky & Light pendants to the same sex wedding market, when I came upon a listing for a love spell. “A spell?” I wondered aloud, “How can you sell a spell on a handmade marketplace?” Well, it seems you can sell just about anything if you know your audience (and have no scruples about stealing images from

This post will be a quick primer on pricing your items for success.

Make someone love YOU forever – Real Spell Cast Just For You – Amazing results – from MYMAGICFRIEND on Etsy

Fall in Love Forever Spell $9.99

This is cheaper than a Slanket, and a sleeve blanket definitely does not last forever. What makes you think this spell will hold sway over a non-consenting adult for the span of their natural lives? When I buy eggs, like a fool I buy the most expensive ones because I let myself think that means the chickens had premium TV channels.  On that note:

Haunted Love Magick, Triple Casting for A Variety Of Love Issues – from INVITINGANGELS on Etsy


Now, I can only imagine what that extra $7 is for (candle trivets? fashion tape? crystal cleaner?) but with a price tag over $100, this is a seller who respects her ability to steal from people. And you want to give your money to someone who respects herself.

When pricing your work, think of these tips from top Etsy seller Kelly Rae in her post titled “Pricing Tips for Your Creative Business“:

    1. Challenge yourself to charge a price that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable.

Bingo! I definitely feel uncomfortable.

       2. When you underprice your work, you’re sending the message that it’s not the best quality; that’s it’s cheap.

If you can put a price on dreams and lies, go big. No one likes a cheap dream or a lackluster charlatan. Are you one of the many 20-30 somethings with a mouldering English degree and a father who loves to ask you how you’re using it?  Tell him you’re writing people emails about how you may have sat in a circle of crystals and meditated on their Atkins diet progress- and that you’re getting paid $49 bucks a pop.


Maintain Your Post! DIY Dot Earrings for Every Outfit

Dark blue resin posts

Dark blue resin posts

I wear solid-color stud earrings almost every day, changing to fit my outfits or complement statement earrings. I’ve been enamored of tiny earrings since I was a little girl endlessly spinning the displays at stores like Claire’s, and used to buy my multicolored sets of studs at Forever 21. I decided to spend a little more money and invest in some well-made jewelry from DA Metals in Providence, RI.  They are silver and resin, and do not chip! It was worth my investment. I got 5 pairs to go with all my outfits.

Want to make a pair in every color of the rainbow? For the price of a bottle of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, you can make one hundred pairs of studs. They aren’t as sturdy as those made by DA Metals (seriously, get yourself a pair) but you can get creative and add whatever you want.  All it takes are some very simple and inexpensive materials. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas in July sale!



Hey y’all! 20% off everything at Jumbo Jibbles AND Sky & Light until the 21st. The discount is already taken, so don’t worry about coupon codes. This is a great time to pick up some of my “luxury” items, such as a 10-piece unicorn horn set, giant kiwi pillow or personalized star map pendant!

As a member of the San Francisco Etsy team, I would like to direct you to our #SFETSY hashtag, which you can search on Etsy, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram to find more awesome shops that are discounting their creations for early holiday shoppers. I wanted to do a post on the great early gifts I’ve bought from handmade sellers, but my family reads my blog. My sister is two years older than me and STILL asks, “What’d you get me?” as if I’d forget and let it slip. 🙂


Look for the keywords Christmas In July, ChristmasinJuly or CIJ to find participating stores. And it’s not just Etsy– this is pretty nationwide.

San Francisco Etsy (SFETSY) Flash Sale!


Please enjoy this selection of pins, brooches and hair accessories from the San Francisco Bay Area’s wonderful pool of artists and designers. You can get 40% off ALL ITEMS on June 3rd if you use the coupon code SFETSYSPLASH40.  I’m included in this– my Jumbo Jibbles and Sky & Light stores. It all starts this Monday at 8am and lasts all day!

Black Multicolor Flower Wood…


Silk Origami Butterfly Brooc…


Elinor Dashwood Eye Miniatur…


Beach Party Polka Dot Pincus…


Sage Leaf Brooch Pin


Pink cloud geometric brooch …


Mint green flower hair pin


Brooch 60’s Inspired The…


Flower Pin Green Tea Peony R…


Steampunk Vintage Medal Lape…


shell, coral and pearl hairp…


Sewing Bobbin and Pearl Hair…


Millons and Billions Brooch …


Found Object Jewelry- Black …


Flower Hair Pins – Flower Ca…


Three Flowers Oval Wood Broo…


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The Horror! The Horror! Unicorn Ski Masks now available!

Unicorn horn ski masks are definitely the most frightening thing I’ve ever made (maybe more so than the 1st draft of the mushroom cloud puppet, eek!). So much, that I’ve kept them “in the back” at the last two fairs, afraid I’d scare off my cutesier clientele. But they’ve gotten me a lot of attention lately. Behold!


This is the first picture I sent out onto the interwebz. Each ski mask comes in a one-size-fits-all adult size, fitting a little more loosely than an adult beanie. If you have glasses, you can still wear them but I think it makes the creepy-level go up 50%. The above mask has a custom horn and ears attached to it. You can get this new horn-upgrade for $9.


Or maybe you want a more classic look– black with a white horn. Now please, I have heard people make jokes about robbing banks almost 100 times now. Please do not do anything bad while wearing this! Not only are crimes, well, criminal, you would likely be caught very quickly if you were so unwise as to wear a unicorn costume while robbing someone. So please do not do that. These are great for face-warmth while snow-boarding, playing pranks on friends or doing things at FurCon that we shall not discuss here.

Also available in pink! Like I always say, if you have any anxiety about Halloween costumes, my unicorn horns are a wonderful antidote for HAD (Halloween Anxiety Disorder).  But get them soon! Supplies are limited.



A Sense of Scale


How big are my giant fruits and vegetables? This big.  My giant asparagus measure 22 inches (56cm).


And if you are REALLY crazy about these long-stemmed delights, why not buy a set

This picture may actually be a lie, though, since I am having sauteed asparagus TONIGHT and am thrilled it’s back in season.  Of course, it is not so snuggly…