My Crazy, Wonderful Family

Yesterday, I posted a picture of my mother and some of her sisters. I may have understated the spectacle…

Cerise Hartness and Daughters, 1960?

Cerise Hartness and Daughters, 1960?

But this is just the start!

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Unicorn Horn Party Packs!

You know what they say about handmade unicorn horn sweatbands– you can’t have just one.  So I’ve made listings for 10-packs and 20-packs of my famous Unicorn Horn Headbands!  Got a roller derby team that needs yet more pizzaz?

These work for roller derby teams, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bike races, marathons or just to create group unity!  My mother goes on a trip with her eight (8) sisters every two years, and they make matching t-shirts to identify them as  a group.  Here’s a small portion of that loud, Southern group on “cowboy night”:

Four Brothers 2

Left to right: Aunt Bessy, Aunt Amy, Aunt Lucy and my mom.


They are weird, but it explains a lot.

If you buy 10 horns, you get a 15% discount, and with 20 you get 30% off!

Aw, Thanks Mom!

My mom was a total doll an posted about Jumbo Jibbles on Facebook. For those of you coming over from there, you can get to my shop from this link- Jumbo Jibbles on Etsy or click on the big Etsy image to the right. Thank you so much for visiting, and please let me know if you’d like something special!

“Look Ma, no glue!”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!  I am dying to get back home to my workshop and make stuff till I fall over.  I’ve been gone almost three weeks on our trip to the Midwest/South, and have only visited craft stores four times.  That’s good, right?

Since starting a job where I get to make stuff, I soon realized I’d go into withdrawals without something to do with my idle hands.  I tend to turn into a terrible TV-watching, M&M-munching dolt when I visit my parent’s house, so I figured I’d kill a few birds with one (felt) stone and buy a few supplies.  My mom has been impressed with my felt flowers (from Holidash) in the past, so I got a brush and a 3-needle felting pin to take home with me.  My holidays will never be the same– she loved it!  We’ve made a pact to craft together via Skype.

She was so excited. "Look, no glue!"

She took to the clip method from Infarrantly Creative really well– within ten minutes she’d put together a wonderful flower, then a stem in just a few more!  I’m not sure why I’m surprised– that’s the gene pool I come from.  Her’s is way better than mine!

My wonderful, crafty Ma.

I still ate a lot of M&Ms, though.

Merry Christmizzle

Photo by Laura Brown

My sister’s boyfriend, who works for a liquor distributor, brought home a stack of Snoop Dogg for Landy Cognac posters. Waste not want not! The jokes about “California Santa Claus” have not stopped. My sister definitely wins for best wrapping this year [insert pun here].

Though it has nothing to do with crafts, everyone likes a good animal video, so here is my mother’s poor little Cairn terrier struggling to keep her dignity after outfitted with some kind of dog-Juicy Couture outfit. We weren’t sure if her inability to walk was from the dog boots or the embarrassment.