Fayetteville, AR: Then and Now

Original photo by unknown Fayette-villain, taken in the summer with a much newer house. Other than the color of the siding and rocks, not much has changed.

During the few days I was in town, I gathered enough people to make the shot, and happened onto a friendly photog.

Left to right: Laine Gates (holding Ari Gates-Moore), Tony Presley, Amy Brown (moi), Stephanie Bolin, Sam King and Justin Mitchell.

Photo by Tim Ryan Smith.  What a guy– I assumed the man my friend Stephanie was talking to at the coffee shop was someone she’d known for a while.  Using the rule of association, I plainly asked what he was doing at 3pm and if there was a real camera in that case around his neck.  Fayetteville, an artsy college town, is quite crawling with handsome young men with cameras around their necks, but Tim happened to be a Real Life Photographer.  I didn’t know this until later, and felt quite chagrined.We just needed a seventh person to take the shot, and I was relieved to find someone willing.

Once he started directing the shot, moving the car and making sure everyone was exactly posed, I realized I could never have done it without a professional.  He got the shots, edited them and sent them to me in a day.  However these are used in the “Found Fayetteville show, it was a wonderful experience with old and new friends.

Remember– it never hurts to ask.


“Found Fayetteville”

We’re back in Arkansas for the holidays, and I was asked to help in a neat theatre production on New Year’s Eve.  There’s a fantastic troupe called the Artists Laboratory Theatre, and they’re putting on a show based on submissions of pictures, letters and other ephemera.  Like Found Magazine, but live!  The founder, Erika Wilhite, found a photograph from the 1970s of some cool dudes and dudettes sitting on the corner where I used to live.  I was asked to re-create the photo with people from the neighborhood.

We’re hanging out at a coffee shop before we meet up with our old friends and neighbors to do a modern take on the photo.  Some of us will probably look like we’re still in the 70s, and there’ll be a baby in someone’s arms instead of a camera.  It’ll be good to see my old roommates again.  We even ran into a guy at the coffee shop who had a camera, and enlisted him to take the photo.  This is a regular day in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Meeting strangers, walking around with no definite place to go, recreating tableaux from the past (ok, that last one is a stretch).

The picture will be featured in a slideshow with the other submissions, and I’m not sure what drama will then be built around it.  I’ll post an update once we take the photo.

Feeling Stitchy “Covered in Stitches” Contest

A good friend of mine has an entry in the Covered in Stitches book cover embroidery contest over at Feeling Stitchy.  Of course, I’m gonna tell you to go vote for her AMAZING Dune embroidery (she for real dyed part of it with SPICES) but there’s a lot of talent over there.  Go vote!

Halloween! In 2011!

It’s the Halloween of the future! I decided to go as a unicorn, because I really didn’t feel like dressing up like an entire cake or entire whale this year, and who knows what I would have been? An entire city? An entire iceberg? Unicorn horns were splendidly easy to make, and I’ll devote a tutorial to them later. My husband also was a unicorn, so we made a cute and horny pair.

New friend! Loves Hyperbole and a Half. We have bonded over shared internet fancies, and I made her a hat to complete her “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!” costume. Here we are, looking awesome:

Coupla broads in San Jose

I realized later that the wonderful creator of HAAH, Allie Brosh, actually did a comic about a unicorn, so I could have hung on my friend’s coattails.

The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.

Being in a new place for my favorite holiday was great.  I’d met enough awesome people to go to a karaoke bar and make a fool of myself, in costume.  I didn’t have to top last year’s costume, which I’ll admit made the whole thing much more fun.