Puppets Away!

Image from muppets.wikia.com

I’m making fantastic progress on the mushroom cloud puppet, and am at the point where I needed to revisit the Henson, or Muppet, stitch.  I practiced on a small piece of the fleece I chose for the cloud’s column:

You can barely tell where the seam is, and I used red thread!  The trick really is to go slow and only do 3-4 stitches at a time. WAX. YOUR. THREAD.  Also remember that Muppets are made with fleece, not felt.  It makes a big difference.

I spent about six hours working on the puppet today, and everything is done but the eyes and bottom cloud (it’s kind of a cloud skirt).  I’m eager to have it done so I can move on to other things, like more Water Bugs, unicorn horn tutorials and whimsical photo shoots.


Making Puppets: Henson Stitch

from hippocoworker.tumblr.com

INSPIRATION!  I took some time off my puppet-making research, but I couldn’t resist answering the question, “What are muppets made from?”

The internet led me to a wonderful article specifically on the muppets, teaching me what their “skin” is really made of (antron, or, Muppet fleece) and how it is you never see seams on the their faces. I present to you (non-puppeteers) the Henson Stitch:

The type of fabric used really lends itself to hiding seams or imperfections.  I would never have known!

I didn’t know to look for this information until something provoked the question.  Most of the time, you don’t know what question to ask to get the answer you need.  [TANGENTIAL AGENDA ALERT] And that is why teachers and librarians ARE SO DAMN IMPORTANT.  They take the garbled stuff that comes out of your mouth and help you form it into something useful.  Answers can be easy, but questions are the hard part.

So maybe I was helped by a picture of a hippo, but I gotta recognize.