Vegetable and Fruit Medley

Say hello to a few new puppet friends! Crabby Apple, Starfruit Butt and Carrot Cakes.  These puppets are great for any stage production that needs a little extra pizzaz, for children, school plays or for an healthy eating advocacy group.  Use them to get your kids excited about their veggies!

They came with me to the park last week, and we had some fun with friends. Check it out!

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Bunch of Bananas



Get yer puppets here!  I’ve got bananas ready for smoothies and ones that you may have to wait a few days on (green bananas).  They fit a little hand or a big hand, and come with velcro-attached arm rods so you can move their arms!



The holidays are over (for now, at least until President’s Day becomes the next crazy shopping day) and you can relax.  Get yourself something silly, just for you.

My First Craft Fair!

I’m putting the finishing touches on my booth for tomorrow’s fair at San Pedro Square Market in San Jose.  I’ve been working about 10 hours a day in my studio, and I have to admit my stock is pretty baller.  I’ve had unicorn horns laying around for a while (from Halloween last year) but finally decided to make them to sell (pictured above).  If you are in the South Bay and are not going to Maker Faire, please come by!  It’s in a beautiful spot and you’ll get to meet me.  Here’s a peak of the rest!

I made a number of banana puppets, and they all look a little different.  This photo is from a photoshoot done by my friend Kelly, wherein we reenact “Charlie Bit My Finger”.

Pincushions, ranging from small to “fancy”.  Most are from my space collection.

Triangle pendants (equilaterals not shown) with stars or more abstract designs.  I did not make the actual pendants, just decorated them.  I have glass and metal work on my long list of stuff I’d like to know how to do.

I’m not sure these are actually for sale… really just something I did to take a break from sewing.  I just painted some little plastic animals and gave them eyes.  You should do it! Easy and cheap.

This is how my booth will look, but under a tent, with a big green sign and outside.  I hope to make it look less busy.


Using the multitude of scraps I had leftover from the big fruits, I made tiny “jingle berries” containing bells.
Wish me luck tomorrow.  I’ve agonized over this and I know I’ve got my hopes too high.  I need to tell myself that as long as I sell one thing, or if people like to look at my stuff, I’m going in the right direction.

Puppet Giveaway!

Sometimes, a puppet doesn’t come out exactly as planned.  I’ve decided that instead of letting wacked-up puppets proliferate in my studio, I will give them away to loyal followers!  Feast your eyes upon Pam:

All you have to do to win this tattooed, slightly drunken collagen addict puppet is say something nice about me on your Facebook page or Twitter.  If you haven’t already “liked” me on Facebook, get thee to it!  Remember: @jumbojibbles and Jumbo Jibbles on FB.  I’ll put all the names in a hat (a real hat) and pick one out.  Tell yer friends!

I don’t know what happened with this puppet, but I kept trying to fix imperfections by adding more stuff, until it started looking downright offensive.  I took out the big teeth.  I almost added a hat. *shakes head*

New Puppet! Meet Beatrix Banana

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I think I’ve gotten the making of banana puppets down to an science, so I need to make a few more and start on something new.  Since I haven’t sold anything yet, I haven’t had to think about having more than one of something.  I’d LOVE to have a booth at a craft fair (there’s a monthly one starting very close to my home) but I need inventory.  I’m not the most methodical person, and that comes from going from one project to another, willy-nilly, so I never have set instructions.  “By the seat of my pants” has been my modus operandi.  I’m gonna work hard to change that.

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First puppet for sale! She’s one bad banana.

Here it is, the first puppet fit for sale.  I just finished the second puppet, but it kept going wrong and every time I tried to fix it, it spiraled into a pit of awfulness.  I may have to bury it.  Here’s more of the successful venture!

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Puppets Away!

Image from

I’m making fantastic progress on the mushroom cloud puppet, and am at the point where I needed to revisit the Henson, or Muppet, stitch.  I practiced on a small piece of the fleece I chose for the cloud’s column:

You can barely tell where the seam is, and I used red thread!  The trick really is to go slow and only do 3-4 stitches at a time. WAX. YOUR. THREAD.  Also remember that Muppets are made with fleece, not felt.  It makes a big difference.

I spent about six hours working on the puppet today, and everything is done but the eyes and bottom cloud (it’s kind of a cloud skirt).  I’m eager to have it done so I can move on to other things, like more Water Bugs, unicorn horn tutorials and whimsical photo shoots.