Your Game of Thrones Gift Guide – Best of Etsy

If you REALLY want to find the dorky stuff, do a search for “ASOIAF” (A Song of Ice and Fire).  For those of you who are just watching the show, that is the name of the as-yet-to-be-finished series by George R R Martin.  Game of Thrones is just the first.  I’d say it is icing on the cake, but this cake is all frosting.  The second season series premiere is on Sunday, and I’m going to impose if I have to, because I don’t have a TV or HBO.  I want to watch this show as it’s crowning out of HBO’s on-air birth canal.  Sorry about that.

My favorite stuff isn’t emblazoned with the show or series’s name, or the faces of the characters*.  That’s why I loved the Westerosi coins I posted about earlier this week. Let’s take a look at some items that further flesh out Martin’s universe or make real things already described in the book:

Dragon-scale bracelet

from JDesigns129 on Etsy













Melisandre’s Necklace (The Red Lady of R’hollor)

from sthenno on Etsy

An entire Cersei Lannister costume (I’m beyond impressed)

from Valchiria on Etsy

Very nice!  House words plaques, and not just the well-known ones:

from RFabiano on Etsy

An embroidered map of Westeros, which I can imagine would exist since paper is hard to make.

from Savage Sewing on Etsy

Davos Seaworth Finger Bones (that’s a bit more off the beaten path…)

from Westeros on Etsy

And in an sillier mood… Joffrey Baratheon’s head as a cat toy

from Microbe on Etsy

And finally, THIS is some dedication: Daenerys’s dragon eggs

From Underground Aquarium on Etsy

I guess there is a ban on “weapons” on Etsy, because I saw not a single dragonglass knife or replica of Arya’s sword Needle.  Don’t worry, you can get the latter one at Valyrian Steel dot com!

When I first discovered Etsy, I was intrigued by the ways people would tack on tags of popular books and movies to get people to see their stuff.  Sometimes there would be a very tenuous link between their item and the tag (for hilarious example) but it is a lot more interesting than commercially produced merchandise.  I’d like to mention ex-Etsy member Foxwise** who makes simple stamped bracelets with “Valar Morghulis” on them.

So, get thee to a TV screen on Sunday night!  If you haven’t seen the first season or read the book, you might wanna just wanna catch up on Season One.

*When I was little, I thought the tackiest and most absurd thing in the world were Halloween costumes that had the face of the character you were dressed up as, on them.  Gem does not wear a dress with her face on the side.  That is wack.

**She’s got a sad but common story of getting ripped off on Etsy, so she moved her shop to its own site.


Fashion Necessities

If I could wear the same dress, in different colors and patterns everyday, I would.  I like finding something that suits me, and often wish I could go back in time and buy five so it would last forever.  I still remember a striped shirt from 6th grade, a soft purple sweater from high school that I think of whenever I see a fabric softener commercial, my favorite red ballet flats from Old Navy.  A lot of my favorite stuff came from clothing swaps with friends, so I can’t even trace the origin.  Case in point, the purse I’ve been using for about five years:


It doesn’t look like much, but it’s been by my side (literally) for years, and is super sturdy.  Unfortunately, it’s also super dingy and starting wear wear.  I almost bought a purse, but dang, I’m cheap.  Voila!


I learned a lot of lessons making this, so I may just do another one.  I used some bright blue broadcloth I’d originally purchased to make floor pillows. First things first, when making purses pick a material that is thick enough and able to withstand wrinkling.  My material was thick, but it looks unkempt.

Making a “muslin” is really important, but I just get too excited and want to plunge ahead.  When working from a finished product and making a replica, it’s hard to know how things fit together unless you take them apart.  My yellow purse may be on its last legs, but I was about to perform an autopsy.  With a muslin, you can try several different sequences to sewing the pieces together.  I have a bad habit of not looking a few steps ahead– when I began to sew in the inner strip that reinforces the top of the bag, I forgot to leave a space to insert the magnetic snap.  Going back with a seam ripper isn’t that bad, but it can make the work look messy.

Another big mistake– I waited until the entire purse was finished to put the pocket on the front.  I did all of the stitching with a machine, but found I was trapped by the three sides and couldn’t stitch but one side of the pocket.  If the material had been more pliable, I might have been able to do this with some amount of frustration.  As it was, I did the stitching by hand while watching Star Trek.  Not so bad.  But what I should have done was attach the pocket BEFORE joining the front and back pieces.

I tried to replicate the purse EXACTLY, with a magnetic snap, French seams and a zippered pocket.  I found that the most difficult part, making that neat rectangular window.  You can see where I attempted to hold back some fraying at the corners with super glue.

I’ll take it out for a spin tomorrow, and maybe with time it will soften and not show wrinkles as much.  Next time, I promise to take pictures as I work and make a tutorial.