So many fruits!

I’ve added so many new things to my shop, but most importantly so much produce!

My stint at Bazaar Bizarre was great, and encouraged me to make new pillow, and many of them!

Embroidered Strawberry Pillow


Stuffed Asparagus Spears


Hothouse Tomato Pillow

Roma Tomato


Roma Tomato



Beaded Strawberry Pillow

Please visit the Jumbo Jibbles store for some great holiday gifts.  I’m having a few sales, also!

Pick your color Unicorn Horn Headband!

Unicorn Headbands are only $12 right now, and you can pick from TWELVE different colors.  These make great stocking stuffers, or fun props for a memorable Christmas family photo.



Use coupon code EATMOREVEGGIES to get 15% off orders of 2 or more fruits and veggies.  Order a whole salad bowl!


New to Jumbo Jibbles: Mini Slugs!

New to Jumbo Jibbles!  I’ve got little plush slugs for your squeezing pleasure!  They are made from fleece and stuffed with polyester fiber.  There are no parts that might come off, so totally safe for babies and adults that like to chew on things (you know who you are.)  You can find four different facial expressions at my store.  Perfect as a stress toy at work, for little hands or just for kicks.

And remember, you can like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  Sometimes I say funny things, but mostly I talk about unicorn horns and food.

San Pedro Square Craft Fair!

I’ll be participating in my first craft fair!  That’s why I’ve been such a bad blogger– I’m spending 6-8 hours a day in my studio.  Life is good.  If you are in San Jose on Sunday, May 20th, come to my Jumbo Jibbles booth!

I’ll have lots of my veggies: carrots, blueberries, oranges, lemons.  Plus, space pincushions, star pendants, garlands, puppets and more!  If you still want a custom constellation pendant, I’ll be taking orders and getting info at the fair.

This has been an expensive endeavor for me, and at many points I almost quit.  I know I won’t make my money back the first fair, but I’ve made good investments (tent, banner, Squareup) so it won’t be so bad next time.  I just keep reminding myself that when it is over, if I haven’t sold something, I can list it all on Etsy for just a few cents and relax!

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