Election Day, featuring President Bird!

from twitter user and illustrator @A_TRAGIC_GYRO

Everyone’s biting their nails today, but I’m trying to focus on a less divisive issue: Kisses.  One of my absolute favorite webcomics, Three Word Phrase by Ryan Pequin, has run a few strips with the character of President Bird.  They are wonderfully non-partisan and ridiculous.   My husband’s pet name for me is Bird (literally a pet name, I just realized…) so we get a kick out of this wiggledy, one-issue president.  I like the mix of unassailable cuteness and dark humor.   Pequin has been keeping up with the pace of the current election, but you can judge for yourself whether or not he is taking sides.   In writing this ode to President Bird, I just found out it has a Twitter account! Of course it would have a Twitter account.  Also, this emoticon-  :V That emoticon works better in a San Serif. So last week, imagine my absolute glee in receiving a needle-felted President Bird sculpture from Etsy seller Stabwool.

President bird is made of wool, a little sculpey beek, painted wire feet and three different stick-on speech bubbles: WHEEEEE!, WHAT YOU DOIN’, and GIMME A KISS!  Even the packaging had details that put a smile on my face:

So, there’s my politics for this presidential race.  Stop over at Stabwool and see the wonderful creations there, and read over a few Three Word Phrase comics.


Santa Cruz Antique Market – I found treasures!

So, I think someone may have accidentally sold me a human tooth.  I LOVE flea markets, jars of odds and ends and I have literally bought a box of rocks (and was really excited about it).  This weekend Justin and I took an overnight trip to Santa Cruz for the UCSC Origami exhibit.  We happened to be there on the second Sunday of the month, when downtown hosts the Santa Cruz Antiques Fair.  The pickings are not slim, but since the quality is so good, sellers are easily parted with jars of broken jewelry and tiny junk.  Here’s a pile of my newly acquired tiny things and bags of chandelier crystals:

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Hanukkah Time!

I aspire to be the kind of person who gives good gifts– things people want, or didn’t know they want.  Sometimes, though, I’ll admit I get a little too carried away in my plans and get a little weird.  It’s probably terribly wrong to drag my Jewish friends into my craft-mania/Christmas instincts, but EIGHT GIFTS? Eight tiny gifts, in one cute package– love it.  I hope this doesn’t make it look like I’m trying to make a Coca-Cola Santa Claus Hanukkah– I just like making things so damn much.

Happy Everything!

[UPDATE] Guess who made little dino cactus planters and forgot to take pictures of them before I gave them away? The picture of the elephant was before it was washed up and a cute lil succulent was planted.  I guess it’s craft karma for using someone else’s idea.  What’s the rule on making something you saw someone else make if you don’t sell it? It tugs at my soul.

Lovely Package Tease!

Yesterday I sent off a “lovely package” to a friend I haven’t met yet, Janice of Bellwether Thoughts.  Here are some teaser shots, since she hasn’t gotten it yet!

We’re in the San Jose airport waiting to fly “home”.  I kept going into my work room before we left scanning wildly for anything I might desperately need. I didn’t bring ANY craft supplies, and I feel like I might go through withdrawals.

Tiny Candle Holders

Full disclosure: this tutorial is my take on The Sweetest Occasions “DIY Party Animal Candles“.  I’m not really doing anything different, but it’s a good reason to post lots of “tiny things” photos.  I had a great time looking for the right plastic animals.  San Jose has several party supply stores that are AMAZING compared to what I’m used to.  The plastic candle holders are easy to find– just look in the baking aisle for cake supplies.  Most likely, they will come with candles.

Get some plastic thingies and candle holders.

Make sure your drill is charged, with a 5/64 drill bit.

Get some spray paint, and a safe place to use it.


A mistake that I’ve made too often is trying to drill into a small, uneven object without securing it.  I still have all my fingers and finger nails, but I don’t own a table without a hole in it.  I promise you, invest in a small bench vise and you can still have nice things.

I've got you now!

Try not to drill all the way through the object, but don’t worry if you do.  Dab a little glue or Modge Podge in the hole as spackle, and it shouldn’t show after the paint.  If your object is too shallow, trim the spike on the candle holder.  The spike should fit snugly enough that glue isn’t necessary, but add a dot of superglue in the hole if you wish.  The snug fit plus the spray paint should keep it together.

Lizard Menorah

I LOVE drilling holes in shit.

So far, apartment living isn’t so different from my old home, but issues came up when I wanted to spray paint. Can’t do it inside, can’t do it on my little balcony, and I didn’t want to annoy my neighbors by doing it in a common (outside) area.  I’m sure someone was complaining about me today, but I decided to spread a tarp out on the grass of our courtyard and daintily spray.

Make sure you get all sides, and leave to dry for the day.  Don’t let the leaves fall on your wet figures!

As for food safety, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t drop these in your cereal, but to sit on a cake for a few minutes shouldn’t hurt anything.  If you are still concerned, seal the figures with Modge-Podge.  If Modge-Podge was toxic, I’d have died years ago.

Finally putting my lightbox to work!