Santa Cruz Antique Market – I found treasures!

So, I think someone may have accidentally sold me a human tooth.  I LOVE flea markets, jars of odds and ends and I have literally bought a box of rocks (and was really excited about it).  This weekend Justin and I took an overnight trip to Santa Cruz for the UCSC Origami exhibit.  We happened to be there on the second Sunday of the month, when downtown hosts the Santa Cruz Antiques Fair.  The pickings are not slim, but since the quality is so good, sellers are easily parted with jars of broken jewelry and tiny junk.  Here’s a pile of my newly acquired tiny things and bags of chandelier crystals:

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Fayetteville, AR: Then and Now

Original photo by unknown Fayette-villain, taken in the summer with a much newer house. Other than the color of the siding and rocks, not much has changed.

During the few days I was in town, I gathered enough people to make the shot, and happened onto a friendly photog.

Left to right: Laine Gates (holding Ari Gates-Moore), Tony Presley, Amy Brown (moi), Stephanie Bolin, Sam King and Justin Mitchell.

Photo by Tim Ryan Smith.  What a guy– I assumed the man my friend Stephanie was talking to at the coffee shop was someone she’d known for a while.  Using the rule of association, I plainly asked what he was doing at 3pm and if there was a real camera in that case around his neck.  Fayetteville, an artsy college town, is quite crawling with handsome young men with cameras around their necks, but Tim happened to be a Real Life Photographer.  I didn’t know this until later, and felt quite chagrined.We just needed a seventh person to take the shot, and I was relieved to find someone willing.

Once he started directing the shot, moving the car and making sure everyone was exactly posed, I realized I could never have done it without a professional.  He got the shots, edited them and sent them to me in a day.  However these are used in the “Found Fayetteville show, it was a wonderful experience with old and new friends.

Remember– it never hurts to ask.

Ozark Mountain Crafts – 2011 Edition

I took a stroll around our old stomping grounds in Fayetteville, Arkansas while on vacation, and found a lot of new, or improved businesses since we moved this Fall.  It made me happy to see so many new things, and fun things, at that.  Below are pictures from The Mustache, Hand-Held Knitting, Him + Her, BonnerBell, Embree Designs and Stitch Vintage/Handmade.  If you are EVER in Northwest Arkansas, go to Fayetteville, ask someone how to get downtown and take a gander at what they’ve got to offer.  When you get hungry, walk a block to Petra Cafe’s tiny little lunch counter and get the foule platter.  Trust me.