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Gold Unicorn Beanie

Blue Unicorn Beanie

Twilight Sparkle Unicorn Ski Mask – My Little Pony Headpiece

The nights are getting cooler and winter is around the corner– ok, maybe around a few corners. My handmade unicorn ski masks are hilarious for Halloween but also make weird gifts for snowboarders, cyclists, Minnesotans and your most-fashionable-than-average hoodlum. Check out the Jumbo Jibbles store today to see what’s in stock!


The Horror! The Horror! Unicorn Ski Masks now available!

Unicorn horn ski masks are definitely the most frightening thing I’ve ever made (maybe more so than the 1st draft of the mushroom cloud puppet, eek!). So much, that I’ve kept them “in the back” at the last two fairs, afraid I’d scare off my cutesier clientele. But they’ve gotten me a lot of attention lately. Behold!


This is the first picture I sent out onto the interwebz. Each ski mask comes in a one-size-fits-all adult size, fitting a little more loosely than an adult beanie. If you have glasses, you can still wear them but I think it makes the creepy-level go up 50%. The above mask has a custom horn and ears attached to it. You can get this new horn-upgrade for $9.


Or maybe you want a more classic look– black with a white horn. Now please, I have heard people make jokes about robbing banks almost 100 times now. Please do not do anything bad while wearing this! Not only are crimes, well, criminal, you would likely be caught very quickly if you were so unwise as to wear a unicorn costume while robbing someone. So please do not do that. These are great for face-warmth while snow-boarding, playing pranks on friends or doing things at FurCon that we shall not discuss here.

Also available in pink! Like I always say, if you have any anxiety about Halloween costumes, my unicorn horns are a wonderful antidote for HAD (Halloween Anxiety Disorder).  But get them soon! Supplies are limited.