Bay to Breakers – Get Ready!

Bay to Breakers is in one month! The craziest 12K in the Bay Area, set in San Francisco and from what I’ve heard and seen, is an excuse to dress even crazier than usual and hang with friends for a really long walk.  As I’m writing this post, I’m trying to find an image that accurately portrays the race without alienating my younger or more demure readers. Let’s just say it’s hard, and if you can’t look at a Google image search of the race, you probably don’t need to go. There are other races without as many butts.

Here we go:

Unless this is a new subculture fetish I wasn’t aware of, I believe this is safe for work.

I want to see lots of people wearing my unicorn horns, not just because selling unicorn horns gives me the means to make more of them, but I love that I am helping put a little more fun and happiness into the world. I’ve heard such great things about this race, I want to be a part of it. I’m just not sure I can walk all day*!

So, in honor of Bay to Breakers, I am offering my unicorn headbands at a discount if you buy one for you and one for a friend. Two horns for $40.23! Why $40.23? Because $20.13 is a cute number, but unicorns don’t grow on trees. At $40.26, that’s a 20% discount for two horns. Go get two!


The race is May 19th, starting at the Embarcadero and ending at Ocean Beach. If you want to register, do it by May 16th!

Bay to Breakers on Wikipedia

*When I go to San Francisco, the thought on my mind is always, “Where the bathroom?” It’s given me a bad mental connection with Starbucks.


San Jose Bike Party Purple Ride!

April’s Bike Party theme is PURPLE— there’s something for everyone there, right? The reds and the blues can finally come together. Unfortunately, I can’t make it out on my half-purple Surly Cross-check (it’s blue) because I’ll be at a Veggielution fundraiser hawkin’ my giant veggies. Please do not be sad, because you can get a purple something ahead of time, with a discount!

Use coupon code BIKEPARTY for free shipping until 4/20/13.  Here’s a selection of lovely purple things you can put on your head for the ride.  And remember– my unicorn sweatbands fit all the way around a bike helmet!  Please respect your brain.


Be safe everybody! I wish I was there.


Feast your eyes!  Spring is here, but chilly nights will be with us for a while longer. Warm your noggin with a whimsical Jumbo Jibbles design.  Get your unicorn beanie in black, dark purple, pink and hot pink here.

Unicorns spotted!

I love, love, love it when I receive photographs of people having a good time with one of my creations.  To tell the truth, I always think there’s a story behind someone needing a unicorn horn, especially a custom one.  It gives what I do extra special meaning.  So how delighted was I when I received this in the mail?



So excited!!!!!


Unicorn power!

Have you had a wonderful unicorn experience?  Send me your story or photo, and I’ll post it on the blog.


Keyword Art

I’ve finally set up a Google Analytics account for my Etsy store, and what I love even more than looking at my page views are the weird, colorful and downright STRANGE things people type into their search box.  Here’s some highlights (and I really hope they found them!)

  • Led Zeppelin Sweaters (Gotta Whole Lotta Wool)
  • Amazing World of Gumball Necklace (Is this a thing?)
  • Jumbo squishies (I want one too!)
  • Soft stuff (vague, but I’m sure they found something)
  • Unicorn rave (I’d go to that)

Image from Lady Bathas Etsy store– perfect for your unicorn rave!

Unicorn horns are up!

I don’t have pictures of all of them (why can’t Arkansas and California just be the same place??) but soon there will be a plethora of horns on Jumbo Jibbles, as well as a costumes section!

Unicorn Horns

Remember my first unicorn horn on Halloween 2011?  Well, they have made a comeback and were featured at my first craft fair.  Fanime is this weekend in San Jose, and our downtown is flooded with all manner of crazy costumes.  I thought I’d bike down there and see if I could sell some horns out of my bike basket.  I was right!

Here are some shots of me modeling the horns.  They are not up on Etsy yet, but when I get back from vacation I will list them.  They will be available in several colors of bandana, spiral color and size.  Tiny nubbin horns and long killer horns.

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