Vegetable and Fruit Medley

Say hello to a few new puppet friends! Crabby Apple, Starfruit Butt and Carrot Cakes.  These puppets are great for any stage production that needs a little extra pizzaz, for children, school plays or for an healthy eating advocacy group.  Use them to get your kids excited about their veggies!

They came with me to the park last week, and we had some fun with friends. Check it out!

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A Sense of Scale


How big are my giant fruits and vegetables? This big.  My giant asparagus measure 22 inches (56cm).


And if you are REALLY crazy about these long-stemmed delights, why not buy a set

This picture may actually be a lie, though, since I am having sauteed asparagus TONIGHT and am thrilled it’s back in season.  Of course, it is not so snuggly…


The Artichoke Returns

Another artichoke was commissioned a few weeks ago, and now I’m making a new and improved globular fruit.  This is the shape that got me started, not so long ago when I was making things as a joke.    Giant stuffed fruit?  Mwhahahahaha.Image

It’s becoming quite beautiful, and I’ve discovered new techniques which may take me in a fashion direction.  On the agenda: leafy scarves and baby blankets.  


Pardon the canister of Panko in the background. No, this will not be a breaded artichoke. It’s just a perfect size for holding puppets upright!

I’m loving my new job at Steve and Kate’s, but it’s hard to get work done when I get home.  Kids are so tiring!  I may not be making a lot of my own, but I’m helping a lot of other crazy stuff get made.  Lots.  A lot of the campers have started on embroidery, and while they’re still doing basic stitches, they are prolific and think it’s the greatest thing ever.  I showed one girl how to do a satin stitch without wasting all your thread on the back end, and she looked at me like I told her the meaning of life.  Teaching kids makes you rethink the way you do and say everything, and I think I’ll come out a more articulate person afterwards.  


Dress pattern from young camper.