Who loves the sun?

Not the Snail and the Waterbug.  San Jose is usually much too dry for their tastes, so this week has been a welcome respite.  It’s hard to meet your neighbors when no one hangs around outside, so the rainy weather was an opportunity to make new friends.

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Adopt a Waterbug: Rolli

Rolli gets shy.

My first Water Bug is going out to her new owner today, and this bug’s name is Rolli.  She is the first Water Bug I made, and has picked out a pink-striped birthday candle to take with her, along with a handwritten letter to her new owner.

Like most of the Water Bugs, I found her stuck in a jar.


Each Water Bug picks out an item to take with them and comes packaged in a plastic bubble.

Pick yours out today at my Etsy store!

San Jose Showcase

I LOVE the “Shop Local” search on Etsy.  It’s how I met some people in my new town and got a feel for the craft community.  I’d like to showcase a few things I’ve seen each week in my adopted home.  Maybe I’ll meet some of these folks at the next SJ Made!

This sewing pattern from Amy Herbst is the kind of color splash that attracts me immediately, and they are so multifunctional:

Image from Herbst on Etsy


Nicole Steward’s Dry Erase Pillow was my Christmas gift to my mom– she loved it.  They’re sold out in her Etsy shop, but I believe The Usuals boutique carries her ASL (American Sign Language) fridge magnets.

Image from Nicole Steward on Etsy

The Girly Spazms shop had several items I wanted to check out: cassette-inpsired iPod cases, sleek and simple earrings, and Sriracha t-shirts! It was invented in Cali, you know.

Image from Girly Spazms on Etsy


Jazz heartily approves of this apparel.

Jazz the Water Bug loves Sriracha!